Tasty Food In Panchkula – You Can’t Miss The Delious

Punjabi food is the most popular foods not only in India but worldwide also, and so it has a special place of pride in Indian food and also in the heart of Punjabi’s. Apna vaishno Dhaba, Panchkula is our effort to provide delicious, hygienic, home style tasty food in Panchkula with pride. We have expert’s cooks and perfect atmosphere to cater to and meet the expectations of authentic Punjabi food consumers as well. The business is based on complete understanding of our customers, their taste and preferences on priority basis. We try to offer them exactly what they are looking for, with importance on traditional yet creative Punjabi cuisine for customers. We have built a reputation for serving great food in Panchkula. We take special care prepare our delicacies and great pride in serving them to our Dhaba with Tasty Food in Panchkula

The concept was simply to create a rustic & rural like environment with lots of conversation pieces on the table and to serve excellent quality freshly cooked food. Along with this, Our Dhaba restaurant defined as main stream casual dining joint, where we provide a friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment, by the staff and owners who truly enjoy their passion and enjoy tasty food in Panchkula. The overall decor of Apna vaishno Dhaba has also evolved over the each passing time. We try to showcase a much softer, cleaner more contemporary casual dining look also. We offer delivery throughout the downtown core seven days a week, also provide take out, fast pickup and on site catering in addition to full table service for you.

Apna vaishno Dhaba is very cozy, family Restaurant right in Panchkula. We’re proud to provide you with superior service and the most authentic homemade fresh spice Indian cuisine . We are located in a central location with a sports club located right around the corner for your convenience in Panchkula and provide tasty food in Panchkula. We provide a variety of services that includes either eat in, or take out to enjoy in your own home and also Home delivery facility.  From appetizers to dessert, relax in an Indian style and enjoy a cozy setting with all of your favorite people and family members either inside in our restaurant seating area.

We use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes. Fresh vegetables that are the keys to our quality. You can taste the difference.
Apna vaishno Dhaba is a Concept restaurant which celebrates the Rich Flavours of Punjab with authenticity & simplicity. A place where food is passion. We don’t cook food but we engineer it to elate & tingle your taste buds. Its not the range of dishes that we offer makes us special on the contrary it’s the original hand picked spices and aroma of Punjab in them makes each & every recipe of Punjabi Kadhai finger licking and tongue tingling and enjoy every meal.
The land of Lassi (Buttermilk), Paranthas (Wheat Breads), Makhani Dal (Whole Black Lentil) , …has food for all occasions that every Indian has tasted at least once in their life. Punjabi Kadhai brings in the same liveliness in their ambience and food to keep up the spirits of Punjabi (North Indian) Cuisine. So visit must.

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